ICON Poster 4 – I is for Infant Crying is Normal Infographic

Please download the I is for Crying Infographic here.

Babies cry for many reasons. They are hardwired to cry whenever they need a parent to help them out because their brains have yet to develop the circuits that allow for self-control or understanding. Crying is meant to be upsetting for a parent, that is Nature’s way of making sure they pay attention fairly promptly. A cry might signal many things, discomfort and startle are common examples. Sometimes, though babies cry for no reason at all and sometimes they cry and just cannot be settled. The latter may be upsetting for both baby and parent, but it causes no harm and will eventually cease. After about 5 months the experts say that crying becomes more ‘purposeful’. That means after 5 months of age, your baby is more likely to to be crying for a reason