Jacob (4yrs old) Starts School

Jacob is now four, a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome at the hands of his biological father at 5 weeks. He is doing very well despite his injuries and we take every day as it comes. He is a cheeky, happy, kind and caring little boy. As a result of his extensive brain damage, he has cerebral palsy, global development delay and a speech impediment. He is a very aware and sociable. I do worry about how he will come to terms with his story one day, but I will always ensure this is done in a child-focused way.

This year he has started having seizures. This had not happened since 5 weeks of age, when he was placed in a medical coma after his injury. Being a nurse I should be able to manage this but when it comes down to being your son that is suffering it breaks your heart and you feel lost.

Jacob stated his new school this month. He is starting mainstream school and has been awarded one-to-one support. We have put him back a year due to his development delay to help give him a better start, so he will be in nursery first. I am so proud of him and how much he has achieved. He was so excited about his first day but when I picked him up he looked sad, I could not find out why. I asked him questions, and I gave him pictures to try and express himself, but he could not explain why he was feeling sad due to his struggles in communication. It dawned on me that the other children would be telling their mummies and daddies about their day. I felt overwhelming sadness for Jacob.

Jacob has had a hole filled in his heart by my partner, who he calls Daddy. We have been blessed with an additional member, who will be with us in 5 months! Jacob is very excited by this. I do worry that his sibling will reach the milestones before Jacob is able to reach them and how this will affect him. I know our journey will always be full of learning, but also of happiness, love and hope.

“ICON has saved lives. It has given empowerment to victims. To treat is to prevent. Education is knowledge”