ICON in partnership with DadPad

ICON are delighted to work in partnership with DadPad on important matters affecting dads and their children. DadPad offers essential parenting skills for new dads

DadPad provides fathers and male partners with the practical skills they need to support themselves, their partner and their baby at a time when many new parents can feel overwhelmed. Advice on crying, feeding, holding, changing, sleeping and getting to know your baby, as well as information on supporting relationships and each other’s mental health during this challenging time, is available on the app.

DadPad has information on crying, including reasons why babies cry and how to cope when the crying won’t stop. It also contains the ICON messaging.

A WSCP spokesperson said: “The impact of shaking an infant can have a devastating impact on the health of the child and ruin the lives of the whole family. Sadly, evidence suggests that 70%* of shaken baby injuries are carried out by men. This is why resources like DadPad are so vital in giving new fathers the tools they need to be able to cope and gain confidence so they can build strong and healthy relationships with their babies at such a crucial time.”

Julian Bose, Director at DadPad, said: “DadPad was created because babies don’t come with a set of instructions, and dads told us that there was important information that they wanted to be given on what to expect and how to care for their baby. We listened to what dads, their partners and health professionals asked for and combined it all in the DadPad.”

“We enjoy working with other groups and organisations who – like us – are working to promote better outcomes for families and this is why we always are pleased to get further opportunities to share and promote the ICON message, which is so important.”